What is an American Barn & Should You Own One?

Why an American Barn Makes Sense for Every Horse Owner

We aim to help you in deciding if you should want to own an American barn and the different elements they bring to your homestead. Continue reading as we outline the positive elements of an American style barn below.

An American barn is a building that is typically used on farms for various intents and purposes. It is an agricultural building and its purpose is to house livestock including cattle and horses. You can also store equipment and grain within as well. Barns are typically one gigantic open space with stalls built to one side of the building with an aisle for housing livestock.

An American barn is typically built from timber and is a very large building that houses everything under one single roof. Everything is found in one place and provides a great element of convenience and ease of use which makes them popular in the UK. Having your stabling and working area under one roof is extremely profitable in saving time and added convenience. When the weather is bad outside you will be sheltered and will have no need to go outside as everything needed to maintain your livestock is in the same place.

Horses Love Life in an American Barn Environment. Image credit: The Spruce

A barn also adds an element of security for your livestock and it also provides easier management over the stables. The design style that you choose is entirely up to you and you can add different sections to the barn to make things easier. You can add a tack room, feed storage, offices, bathrooms, vehicles, and storage. Also, you can store all your hay, feed and straw up above the main area keeping it dry and kept away from the elements that the different seasons provide.

A great fact about American barns and their design is the fact that they protect you from the elements and because they are built from quality timber they always ensure that there is warmth for your animals during the winter and lower temperatures and coolness in the summer heat. You can provide your horses with a warm and safe place to retreat too in the winter months and when the weather changes and heats up, your horses will be able to relax in a cool place sheltered from the hot summer sun.

American barns are also ideal for the horses themselves. They are social creatures who prefer to live in a herd element as they would naturally out in the wild. When you take advantage of side by side stalls, the horses will be able to socialise and won’t suffer any problems associated with loneliness. You can build windows within the partitions so the animals can socialise. American barns are also very open allowing for plenty of airflows and they allow for natural light to seep in. Having natural air permeating the building is both healthy for the horses as well as the people that work inside the building tending to the horses.

An Unhappy Horse Will Show Obvious Signs of Stress. Image credit: Better Photo

Deciding if using an American barn style for your homestead is right for you, ultimately relates to your needs. The ease and convenience of an American barn have many benefits and they are becoming a more popular style being built within the United Kingdom. With everything at your fingertips under one roof, it really does make managing and taking care of your horses much easier with a lot less stress attached to the daily process of maintenance and care. The good thing about an American barn is that it can be built into whatever specifications that you need it for. With an open-air design, you have the ability to build other areas to help with taking care of your animals or other things.

Sheltering your animals from the cold and protecting them from the heat during the summer is essential and keeping your horses in stalls next to each other will keep them socialised and content. With the second level to your barn, you can use it to store hay, feeds, and straw. The benefit is that you will be keeping them from being overexposed from the elements. Having everything you need to take care of your livestock under one roof is an incredibly huge benefit to these styles of the barn. Whether you decide to harness the benefits of this style of a barn is entirely up to you. You can design the barn yourself and costs will only relate to how you design and what elements you will be needing. The American barn is a great method to add convenience to your life.

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