VPN vs Smart DNS: Your choice for the best streaming quality

Streaming films, television programs, games, etc., is now a popular alternative to conventional television watching. The advantage is that people can watch such programs, or play such games when they have time rather than move their routines around the timings of television programs. It is also possible to stream previous episodes if one could not be watched for some reason. The Virtual Private Network made such streaming more versatile.

VPN or the Virtual Private Networking is basically a service made possible with special software programs that establish and secure the path desired by the user on the web, giving access to the desired content. Usually, it is a legitimate way of giving access to the content. In fact, many people prefer to watch their favorite programs using the VPN software as it reduces the time on commercials. Moreover, access of content using VPN software allows them to watch episodes a second or third time, if they want to do so.

The biggest advantage of a UK VPN service is that it provides considerable security to the person using such streaming services. Privacy is at risk on the net, which is protected by encrypting the information. On the flip side, VPN software makes the somewhat service slow. There are problems with connections as well. With the frequent breakdown of connections, watching programs ceases to be as much fun. Some stability is therefore necessary. Despite problems with the connection stability, the service has always been reliable, i.e., it is available online almost 99.9 percent of the time.

However, VPN can be an expensive service for watching such programs. There is no way such costs will come down because the developers have to keep pace with the many new ways being developed for hacking and invading others’ privacy.

But a better choice is available to people now. It is called SmartDNS. Unlike the VPN, which is a software generated networking, SmartDNS uses servers, Network settings, and all the Internet Protocols to establish a channel between the user and the content he or she wants to watch, or use, from the web.

The providers of this technology admit that it does not offer as much security as the VPN software. However, the speed at which the streaming is possible with SmartDNS is enough to convince that this is indeed a better technology.

Since SmatrDNS is a Network setting based technology, there is less hindrance and therefore, the connection is not disturbed. However, when the IP is changed the user needs to make the adjustments manually.

Another reason why SmartDNS is scoring over older VPN options is that there is no need to load the software in every device. Changes in settings and networking are sufficient for accessing content from well known sites.

VPN software developers developed the Open VPN which was compatible across different platforms and browsers. But none of them seem to be as affordable, nor versatile. Therefore, for now SmartDNS may be better choice in all respects including its price. The only drawback apparently is lack of security. Since the costs involved in SmartDNS are much lower than those on VPN this way of streaming is here to stay.

Smart DNS is a very new technology and is faster and more stable than traditional VPN systems so it is best to place emphasis on this technology, being better and more advanced than some of the older VPN options using OpenVPN and similar wares.