Grab a MAG 250 Set-Top Box & Enjoy HD UK TV Channels Anywhere

Overview of the MAG 250 set top box

Watching UK TV channels just got easier! There are approximately a hundred and forty UK TV channels available for viewing when you buy this amazing set top box. MAG 250 set top boxes allow users from all countries in the world to access UK TV services. The set top box does not function in the UK however.

The MAG 250 set top box

MAG 250 is a programmed and specially designed box that will help you access digitized UK TV channels directly. These boxes come with a remote control for easy navigation of the channels list and to control the box. Before you start receiving the channels, you will have to go through a simple installation procedure. Even during the installation process you will notice a user friendly interface with a whole range of options to optimize your viewing pleasure.

Record programs from your favorite channels, watch on-demand movies from a USB or external disk drive and browse the internet on your TV screen using the all-efficient MAG 250 set top box.

Understanding how the MAG 250 set top box works

The MAG 250 makes it possible to watch all Sky channels, ITV, BBC and other popular UK channels by a global audience using IPTV and an active internet connection. IPTV is a full-scale digital TV solution, which allows viewers to watch international TV channels without the use of satellite systems or dishes. All a user needs is a HDMI TV set, a router and an internet connection along with the MAG 250 set top box, to view UK TV channels.

All TV broadcasts come from satellites that have different coverage limits. This explains why some countries are not able to receive TV coverage for various channels even though they have satellite systems in existence. To sort this out, IPTV was introduced. It involves picking up channels from satellites located in different parts of the world. The contents are then digitized and sent to the internet for the viewers. Now, when you connect your MAG 250 set top box to your router (for the internet connection) and HDMI TV, you can receive these channels without the use of a satellite system.

Sounds so easy and direct and this is because it is actually so. You do not need to purchase or install anything else for you to enjoy this new digital platform. Moreover, upon purchasing a MAG 250 set top box, users also get to enjoy;

Dedicated remote control services

This helps users access all programs as they are aired.

7-Day Catch Up

This service allows users to record their favorite programs and then they can view them up to seven days later. This is very convenient especially with the different time zones. Your favorite programs might be airing at odd hours and now you won’t have to miss them.

These are but a few benefits of having a MAG 250 set top box. There are many other advantages you can enjoy from this digital TV platform. So we suggest to do like many thousands of people all around the world and purchase this set top box now!