4 Ways Technology Will Make Your Exhibition Stand More Successful

In the world of trade shows and exhibition stand marketing the pace of advertising and techniques to both engage and attract attendees is constantly evolving. Many trends have come and gone but one thing that remains is technology and the many different benefits and opportunities it brings for generating interest, gaining attention, building leads, establishing relationships and sales. You will want to find out how you can capitalise on technology to create a more compelling exhibition stand that is competitive and brings your organisation a stronger return on investment.

Trade show stand contractors were interviewed recently and were asked what exactly are the four top suggestions to put into effect with technology at trade shows? Their answers have been put together in this report that showcases the 4 top methods of incorporating technology in trade show exhibition stands. The answers are from the front line from people who have been in the industry for years and have extensive levels of experience. Take your time, sit back and relax and be sure to continue reading below to get the most from the next trade show your company attends and all future events.

Unique Exhibition Stand for Level Green

Unique Exhibition Stand for Level Green. Image credit: Retail Design Blog

1. Attract Attention & Gain Interest from Attendees

At trade shows, there is plenty of competing brands and companies working hard to capture and engage the attention of visitors at the trade show. You want to be sure that your brand stands out and puts a positive impression in your target audiences minds. You can use technology to generate leads, capture contact information, you can also use it to spread your brand message as well. Things like interactive screens, interactive walls and flooring, motion triggered technology and even location-based software to reach visitors is another great idea. You can use things like free downloadable applications for smartphones to capture leads and to continue engagement long after the trade show. An attendee at a trade show is there to gain new information, they want to learn about brands, and they are genuinely interested in the theme of the show. You only have a certain amount of time to capture these people’s interest and desire for your brand and it’s offerings.

2. Offer a Profoundly Unforgettable Experience

As mentioned above, when you can use advertising vehicles like downloadable applications for smartphones you can provide the audience with marketing collateral that they don’t have to physically carry with them. You can easily incorporate technology to capture leads and to build further interest in your products, your brand, and services. You can boost communication and build rapport and a connection with your audience much easier this way rather than giving them paper, brochures or other things that are so common. People do not want to be cluttered with advertising. You want to be sure that your brand stands out.

3. Create a Connection to Your Brand That is Memorable

When utilising technology you can do plenty of different things that will attract attendees and keep them engaged with your brand. You can use such opportunities as interactive games, leaderboards, smartphone applications, contests, questionnaires, and other methods to collect digital data and contact information. When you decide to go ahead and invest further into technology trade show stand contractors said that it offers more opportunities for further marketing opportunities. It also gives your sales team an opportunity to interact with attendees, while the digital data is collected and followed up on later. Be sure your brand stands out and make your exhibition stand unforgettable.

4. Calculate Your Return on Investment with Technology

Being able to determine how well your exhibition stand did at a trade show is not the easiest thing to do. Plenty of sales and purchases happen much later after an exhibition event. You can utilise technology to do things such as measuring engagement, gaining analytical information, as well as contact information collection to capitalise on for follow up strategies. As the years have rolled by technology has improved and being able to gauge the success levels of a trade show event is now much easier and determining statistics can be much more detailed.

Technology is the Future of Trade Show Success

In the year 2018, the exhibition show attendees are looking for new and exciting products, services and brand offerings that peak their interest. With the amount of competition and limited time at a trade show, technology allows you the opportunity to get more from it when applied. Follow the four suggestions above to have greater and more successful results with exhibition stand marketing.

Seafarers Earnings Deduction: An Amazing UK Tax Exemption

Work Tax Free Offshore with HMRC’s SED Rules

We would like to introduce you to the Seafarers Earnings Deduction which is an interesting and unique piece of tax legislation that allows United Kingdom citizens employed as seafarers the opportunity to claim a 100% tax exemption on all foreign earned monies. This law came into effect after 15 years of legal battle between the HMRC and the seafaring trade unions of the UK. The current version of this law was settled as of 2012 and we will tell you about it. Trade unions are still trying to expand the scope of this tax law to also include members of the military. This law was first put together back in 1988 and to this day many people who could apply for this exemption do not use it. We will discuss the different details as well as the rules and regulations on how this piece of tax law works and how it can apply to you.

Yacht crew should always take advantage of tax free income loopholes. Image credit: Work on a Yacht

To begin with, the Seafarers Earnings Deduction was first put into action for a number of different and specific reasons. These include the fact that seafaring employees spend a majority of time outside of the United Kingdom, also the competition and global marketplace for seafaring jobs are incredibly competitive and this law was enacted to help with the defence needs of the UK. The United Kingdom needed more citizens in foreign waters and ports as a format for national defence. This law was designed to specifically help seafaring employees who live in the United Kingdom. Although this law is designed to help those employed at sea many people do not utilise it or use it at all. It is mainly because the Seafarers Earnings Deduction is hard to understand. You can gain information from the HMRC Helpsheet 205 and we have listed the results below.

In Help Sheet 205 it states that a person must work on a ship to qualify for this tax exemption. Now, what qualifies as a ship is not listed however what is not considered a ship is explained. If you work on the following vessels you will not be able to apply or use the Seafarers Earnings Deduction. If you work on the following this law does not apply to you, if you work on a flotel, fixed or floating production platform, or mobile offshore drilling unit. These are clearly described as not being ships and they do not count towards the regulations of what is listed under the Seafarers Earnings Deduction for employment.

Among seafarers, there is a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding this tax deduction. In the industry, there are typically two types of people and how they deal with their taxes. Some choose to not file their taxes and hope that they don’t get caught. Others will set up companies ashore or in foreign countries to pay fewer taxes. However, if you are capable of using this tax exemption then you should use it. Many people do not understand the rules. One of the rules consists that you may only spend a maximum of 183 days ashore in the UK. A day is counted by being in the UK as of midnight of that day. If you are in the United Kingdom on midnight of a given day it counts as a day. Be sure to keep paperwork, stubs, and receipts that prove your time ashore. If you go over the 183-day limit then the Seafarers Earnings Deduction will not be applicable to you.

When we look at the HMRC Help Sheet 205 it states that you must embark or disembark from a foreign port. If you embark or disembark from the UK then you will not be able to use this tax exemption. If the HMRC made this tax exemption more understandable I believe more seafaring employees would take advantage of it. The Seafarers Earnings Deduction is a great law that allows you to declare all of your offshore earnings without having to pay tax on it. Declaring your income is important because the government can use the Open Exchange of Information and find out all your information. If you decided upon not filing your taxes you would not be able to do much with your money such as getting a mortgage or taking out a loan. You would need a SA302 letter which can only be given to you when you file your taxes at the end of the year.

The Seafarers Earnings Deduction is a great tax exemption and it should be used if you find that the rules apply to you!

Contrary to the rumour mill, this piece of tax law will be around for many more years and should be used if it applies to you. The Seafarers Earnings Deduction is a well kept secret and a wonderful way to save your offshore earned income.

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Make a kitchen look high end with new hardware & countertops

Simple, cost-effective updates to make your kitchen a million dollars

If you are a person who does a lot of cooking within your kitchen you will notice that over time it will start to look worn out. It is a natural occurrence that wear and tear happens. When you are cooking in an environment that feels old and dirty can affect your moods and affect the way you cook and bake in your kitchen. Within this article, we would like to share how new kitchen hardware and countertops can make your kitchen stand out and seem a lot more expensive and valuable.

A great way to change the design and feel of your kitchen is by giving it a facelift with new kitchen cabinets and countertops. There are different methods on how you can accomplish this task. You can easily tear down your old cabinets and install new ones. With all the latest designs, colours and styles to change up the appearance of your kitchen from classic to modern or even to a country look are entirely up to your imagination.

With a Little Help Anyone Can Fit New Kitchen Cabinets. Image credit: DIY Network

Another method to improve the appearance of your kitchen is to reface your old kitchen cabinets with new doors. You won’t have to tear them down especially if they hold sentimental value. You can change the appearance of your cabinets by giving them a whole new look and style. A great way to improve the value of your kitchen is to look through the latest kitchen design magazines and visit kitchen transformation experts to get new ideas and impressions on what you can do. You can save money by finding discounts when you shop around online and visit different home improvement stores to make your kitchen look that much more expensive.

If you are not happy with your kitchen design and it looks tired it may be time to do a mini rebuild. You can easily change out the faucets, the lighting, cabinet handles and the countertops to make your kitchen look more expensive without having to break your budget. Whatever style you choose, there are always professionals that are ready and willing to help you from planning your new kitchen to rebuilding it and more. Have fun preplanning your kitchen because it is the place where everyone gathers.

Another method to improve and upgrade your kitchen to make it look and feel more expensive is choosing the right materials to replace kitchen countertops. Every house will be around for many decades and by having the right style of countertops, you will improve the value, look and feel of your kitchen. Many interior designers have come up with unique designs and materials for countertops.

A New Kitchen Worktop Should Only Be Measured & Fitted by a Professional. Image credit: YouTube

When it comes to the kitchen being the heart of your home, then the kitchen countertop provides the essence. The countertop is an area where we serve and prepare food and upgrading your kitchen worktops can be a sound investment and last much longer than other upgrades. If you are wishing to sell your home in the future, a beautiful kitchen with aesthetically pleasing counter tops will increase the value of your home.

When it comes to making the decision of what material you will use for the kitchen countertops can seem like a daunting task. Years ago the selections were incredibly limited. However, nowadays you have hundreds of materials, patterns, textures and different styles to choose from. Whether if you are remodelling your home or just improving your kitchen, here are some materials you should consider.

Granite is a popular countertop and is featured in many different high-end kitchens. It is a sturdy material that is both heat and scratch resistant. The stone is quarried from different areas of the world and the designs, colours, and features will be unique to each area the stone is quarried from.

Another popular kitchen countertop type of stone is Namibia. It is characterised by a gold look with coloured veins.

Blue Eye is another natural stone that is highly scratch resistant and offers sanitary features and withholds weather resistance. This stone is popular for kitchen countertops and is imported from Canada.

Improving the look and feel of your kitchen is important when it comes to doing kitchen remodelling. We suggest that you choose the highest value countertops and cabinets to give your kitchen a more expensive look and feel. Being comfortable in your kitchen should be the number one goal of your rebuild and adding value to your home is essential. Living in a comfortable kitchen will make cooking and baking that much more enjoyable.

We recommend you visit a kitchen showroom to gather more ideas and details on how to maximise the look and feel of your kitchen and to give it a much more expensive style. When you choose to sell your home an updated kitchen can either make or break a sale. Being able to update your countertops and cabinets is an easy way to improve the style of your home and raise the over allvalue for market resale.

Tree Radar: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Scanning Tress at Underground Root Level

Could you possibly imagine a world without trees? Most likely not! Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, trees play a critical part in both local as well as the global environment. You may have heard the saying that trees are like the lungs of the earth. This is because they can help to combat climate change since they absorb carbon, and in return they release oxygen. This is carried out through the process of photosynthesis. So, if you come to think of it, in your city or village, trees have a role at providing more purified air, as well as diffusing noise, reducing pollution, providing sustainable drainage, and improving the landscape.

However trees need to be taken care of. And apart from taking proper care of our trees, it is also important that when evaluating them, this is carried out professionally. Tree evaluations are a key part of arboricultural management. A consultant will need to have specialised investigation equipment so as to provide the most suitable and sustainable solutions for treescapes, which can sometimes be quite challenging. Tree Radar is a type of equipment that is non-invasive. It is a root locator and also carries out decay scanning. When hiring an arboricultural specialist you should make sure to check if they utilise tree radar equipment for their surveys and evaluations. A professional company will make use of this technology as it is the top one at present.

Crown to Root Tree Inspection. Image credit: Westchester Tree Life

Crown to Root Tree Inspection. Image credit: Westchester Tree Life

The main aim of any arboricultural management service is to promote the health of trees. With tree stock assessments and management plans, coupled up with any suitable maintenance and replacement techniques to ensure tree health and form, such a company can help in the proper care and supervision of trees.

The Tree Radar is a type of ground penetrating radar which is known to be the best way to investigate tree roots and tree decay. The best and most accurate results can be achieved without being invasive or disruptive in any way. In fact Tree Radar is the leading tree investigative tool because it can manage to detect sub-surface infrastructure even through concrete or tarmac. It is effectively the most cost effective yet accurate equipment available for these types of evaluations. It is also very fast as it collects data on the electromagnetic differences that can lie between strata below the ground, and artefacts. This enables one to determine both the depth as well as the precise location of the tree roots, along with any other items buried beneath the ground. This could include pipes, ducts, and cables among others. This data is then recorded in the tree survey field computer at the site. Survey findings are then interpreted to make recommendations and proper decisions.

When using Tree Radar it is also possible to determine the health of the vegetation without disruption in any way. Any sub-surface infrastructure will also be safe. Tree root mapping, or root morphology can be detailed, and root zone conditions are made available too. As a result this information can simplify the decision making process relating to any installations or developments that may need to be carried out at a site. These could include construction works, installation of services etc.

Tree Radar. Image credit: Design with Nature

Tree Radar. Image credit: Design with Nature

Tree Radar is also very helpful to ascertain any decay problems. It is a totally non-invasive way of surveying a tree for possible decay. Arboricultural specialists use Tree Radar to assess the likely risks of a tree’s structural integrity as a result of decay. With the use of electromagnetic waves it will be possible to determine the different properties of sound wood, and decayed wood. These can then be mapped on a radargram. Decay present high in the tree canopy, or in the main bole, or buttress roots can also be found.

Tree Radar can interpret radargrams as well as identify any voids. These underground badger runs can generally be attributed to a number of soil disturbances and so it will be possible to draw up on this information and make the necessary decisions to avoid additional problems.

Tree Radar has been improving ever since it was introduced and it is also used in Kent tree surveys and investigations. To date it is considered to be the best method for such studies and investigations.

Facts to Consider Before Hiring a Kent Solicitor

For the layman, legal intricacies and matters are too complicated. Thus, when one requires legal assistance, it is always best to go to a solicitor for advice and guidance. Some cases may be somewhat difficult and problematic. Consequently, you need a top solicitor to handle your legal issue as best as possible. A solicitor is a professional and qualified lawyer who has extensive knowledge in various aspects of the law. Therefore, you have to identify the best solicitor for the job at hand. It is more like having the right tool for the right job. Otherwise, you may end up utterly frustrated along with a huge hole in your savings. There are a few tips you could find helpful in securing the services of the best solicitor.

The Law Society solicitor database

The first stop in your search for the best solicitor would be the law societies. Every law society has a database of all lawyers and their corresponding law firms. You get information on their contact details and areas of specialization. All this information is available online. However, if you still can’t find the information you need online, you can always call the law society’s helpline number. The helpline number is available online. You can also visit the law society offices for further assistance.

Narrow down the search

Once you get the contact details, you can start making contact with some of the solicitors in Kent. Most solicitors in Kent prefer face-to-face meetings, so make time to meet them. Have a list of the points you need to be covered in your legal case or issue. Provide the solicitor with all the details of your legal problem and the relevant paperwork. Enquire about the costs and how the solicitor will be charging for the work. Remember solicitors have a knack for details. Carry along an identification document when going to meet them. They want to know exactly who they are dealing with.

Study solicitors’ specialisms

The law is, so to speak, a wide and rugged terrain. It covers many different areas, which may not be too familiar to the ordinary citizens. Areas of specialization include employment complaints, personal injury claims, clinical and medical negligence, immigration and asylum law, and family and mediation law, among many others. Knowledge of the solicitor’s areas of specialization will enable you match your legal issue with the right solicitor in Kent.

Check Reviews

It is also helpful to read consumer reviews about the solicitors. Get a solicitor with a positive history; a solicitor who has previously handled similar issues like yours with success. Find out if the solicitor was ever involved in any act of dishonesty or misconduct. If they have cheated before, they are likely to cheat again. However, you need to bear in mind that lack of positive reviews does not necessarily mean a dark past for the lawyer. Some clients may not bother leaving a review once their case is concluded. Therefore, reviews should not be the only factor to take into account when hiring solicitors in Kent.

Worthingtons Solicitors

Key Office Cleaning & Maintenance Company Services

A professional facilities management company should provide a wide range of services, including cleaning, waste removal, electrical and plumbing works, as well as repairs and maintenance. However it is important to choose a company that is truly professional. Some cleaners do not do a good job. For example, it is important for them to wipe and clean door handles, doors and light switches. These are extremely minor aspects of your office. Hence, the probability of forgetting to clean them is quite high. Therefore, to ensure all the surfaces of your office are always clean, you should hire professional and dedicated cleaners.

A dusty and poorly maintained office will negatively affect employees’ motivation. As a business it is also important to convey your ideal image to your clients. These are two main reasons why you should get the assistance of professional office cleaning companies.

The staff of facilities management companies will understand the usefulness and importance of a well-equipped and maintained office. Their main aim is to make sure that thanks to their work you will have an office that runs efficiently and that the environment is pleasant. Such office cleaning and maintenance companies will clean, wipe and dust furniture, fixtures and desk equipment. Hiring expert cleaners from a recognized facilities management company should regularly give your office the sheen that you see.

Large offices will often comprise a kitchenette for workers to use during lunchtime. The facilities management staff will regularly clean your appliances. They will take charge of the cleanliness and maintenance of such appliances. They will also see to any equipment such as telephones, computers, coffee makers, water dispensers and coolers among others. Often, we tend to use these appliances after which we forget to clean them. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy using clean and well maintained equipment, you should seek professional assistance from such companies.

An office cleaning and maintenance company will also see to the cleaning of all floors. They will professionally wash your ceramic, vinyl and/or tile flooring. They will also clean carpets and vacuum all the carpeted surfaces of your office. You should appreciate that these are aspects of cleaning that demand for utmost caution. If carelessly done, the probability of having to replace your flooring and similar surfaces will be close to unavoidable.

You will be glad to use trained cleaners because they will vacuum your office cloth chairs. They will also wipe the arms or edges and bases of your chairs.

They will also see to the refilling of dispensers, emptying of wastepaper buckets and bins and other needs that need to be regularly seen to. Clean floors do not always equate to a well-managed office. There is more to a well maintained and properly cleaned office than this. Considering all this, you should definitely hire a professional facilities management company to take care of such jobs, which can enable your office to run efficiently.

Facilities Management Company

Search Engine Optimisation Kent: How It Affects Your Business

A search engine optimisation company can help a web business increase its ability to bring much needed increases in web traffic. Many website owners think that search engine optimisation can be strongly accomplished simply by making an attractive website and presenting it to search engines. Still, the truth is that effective SEO is generally a complex discipline best assigned to Internet marketing specialists and consultants.

The Importance of an SEO Company

If you are looking for a reliable and professional SEO Company, you have come to the right place! Hire one of the best SEO Companies in Kent and you will experience competent and efficient work and amazing results. They are commonly educated by qualified and experienced professionals who completely understand the idea and work involved in SEO optimisation. A search engine optimisation company provides consulting services, as well as a range of optimisation strategies prepared towards the marketing and traffic-increasing intentions of any business.

The following are a few of the actions which can improve search engine ranking of any website:

  • On-Page Optimisation – Productive website development can help your business acquire favorable placements online
  • Effective Keyword Optimisation – Using the right varieties of keywords and putting them effectively within the content of your website will also make it simpler for the search engines to expose your web pages
  • Pay Per Click optimisation for a boost in traffic – Pay Per Click advertising is a form of Internet advertising that pursues to support a website with on-the-place traffic and best exposure on the web

Why Should You Conduct Search Engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is one of the most important aspects of the creation of your website, and SEO is what will truly help your website to be effective in terms of promoting and selling your services and products. Without SEO, your website will fail to be as effective as it could be, and you may find that a lot of potential customers for your website are making purchases from your competitors simply because they were unable to find your website due to poor SEO rankings.

Having search engine optimisers working for your website is vital, as these professionals are what will help you to increase your SEO rankings for your website.


If you would like an SEO company that has a proven track record of getting good results as well as explaining to you what they are doing and keeping you in the loop then your answer is – hire one of the best SEO Company in Kent!

Search Engine Optimisation Kent

Delray Beach Metal Roofing: An Attractive Alternative for Every Home

If you’re building a new home or remodeling the one you’ve got now, a roof is a valuable and pricey decision. When selecting which kind of roof is best for your home, consider expense, endurance, presence, and the expected life of the material.

A roof is a key consideration in new construction and generally an important replacement expense in current housing. Don’t forget to take into consideration the factors listed earlier when choosing the most attractive of the available roofing options. Metal roofs may be an interesting option for many individuals.

Why Consider a Metal Roof

There are many advantages to today’s metal roofs. Expanses are changeable and may be either economical or more overpriced than traditional roofing materials, according to the style you select. But the endurance of a metal roof makes it hard to beat for long term benefit.

  • Producer’s warranties range from 20 to 50 years
  • The weight of metal roofing components is less than half that of most other kinds
  • The metal reflects huge amounts of direct sunlight, helping to reduce heat buildup on sunny days
  • It is very simple and easy to install
  • Resistant to insects, rot and mildew

Roofing is a critically important consideration for any new home, and a serious replacement expense for existing homes. When all factors are examined, metal roofs are an attractive choice for many homeowners.

Professional Company

If you definitely consider metal roof for your home than the answer to your implementing problem is to hire a company that can do that quickly and efficient. One of the best Roofing Contractor Company based in Delray Beach, FL is here to satisfy your needs and replace your roof with metal one.

We are going to take care of everything! We are professionals at our job and the result will confirm this. Don’t think twice and contact us now!


Most people correlated metal roofs with cheap ridged tin in past years. Still, urban residential metal roofing is much more appealing and practical, with all of the advantages that current technology can provide.

Delray Beach Metal Roofing