Over-Pronate When You Run? Find Your Perfect Running Shoes

Get footwear that helps prevent injuries and pain

Pronation refers to the natural movement of the human body and the way your foot rolls and distributes impact upon landing. It refers to the way your foot rolls inward or outward when you land and it helps the lower leg deal with the shock. This will help you in purchasing a comfortable shoe for your runs for proper cushioning.

Foot Pronation Analysis. Image credit: X Body Concepts

Understanding your Gait

During activities that involve the entire body such as running and swimming, every individual has a unique way of movement. This is known as your gait. This pattern may have resulted from your lifestyle and habits, as well as your body’s stability, mobility, strength, and flexibility.

A gait analysis helps in mapping out your natural pattern of movement, which is key for you as a runner because it determines the shoes you need to wear and the amount of cushioning your feet require.

Check your pronation at home

Several methods can be used;

  1. Take a video of yourself running on a treadmill and observe which part of your foot strikes the ground first.
  2. Look at the wear pattern of your older pair of running shoes
  3. Use the wet foot method where you step on the floor or wet paper with slightly wet feet

The outcome of the tests will help you determine if you are a neutral runner, and overpronator, or an underpronator, also known as a supinator.

You can also have your gait analyzed at the shoe store or by a podiatrist. They will ask you to run on a treadmill and watch your strike so as to make a diagnosis. In case they diagnose overpronation, they will be in a good position to recommend shoes that help in correcting it as well as helping with shock absorption. Let them also measure your feet to determine the correct size.

Pronation is in itself not a bad thing, but it does affect the way you run and may increase the risk of injury. This is why your pronation pattern is an important factor in choosing the right running shoes.


Overpronation refers to feet that roll in excessively, or when they should not. In this case, there is too much weight transferred to the medial or inner side of the foot as stated earlier, meaning that during a run, most of the weight is borne by the inner edge of your foot rather than by the ball of your foot. This problem destabilizes the foot, and it will attempt to regain its stability by compensating for the inward motion. This creates a kind of chain reaction which will affect the biomechanical efficiency of the leg, especially at the hip and knee joints.

The shoes of overpronators tend to show more wear under the ball of the foot especially the big toe and on the inside of the heel. It is, therefore, important that overpronators consider buying shoes that offer maximum support or structured cushioning. Shoes in these two categories will help your feet distribute the impact on landing more effectively.

New Balance 860v7 are great for women who overpronate. Image credit: New England Running Co

Criteria for Choosing Running Shoes

1. The Midsole

Overpronators require good cushioning and additional support especially along the midsole of the shoe. It is, therefore, important to focus on the arch side of the midsole when buying running shoes because improper support at the midsole can lead to pain, fatigue, discomfort, or even injury.

2. The Outsole & Heel Counter

If you have overpronation, the best support comes from shoes that offer a supplemental heel wedge, such a New Balance running trainers. This leads to more cushioning and impact absorption. A rigid and snug fit at the heel counter will also help in alleviating most of the discomfort that arises from overpronation.

3. Multi-Level Densities

This can be achieved using padding and foams with different levels of cushioning, so as to give you a more customizable fit. This can be from some dual density or tri-density foams, gels, and compression technology which will assist curbing all issues that overpronation can cause.

4. Long Ride Comfort

Good running shoes should be able to offer long term comfort against overpronation. The levels of comfort that a shoe offers becomes more important as endurance demands rise.

Overpronation may also require you to try orthotics, which you can buy over the counter. These are really helpful in combination with the correct pair of shoes. In the case of a serious case of overpronation, our podiatrist may also opt to make orthotics which will help with alleviating the condition.

When buying shoes, always pick shoes that are the right size for foot length and width. Don’t forget that feet tend to swell towards the late afternoon or early evening or after a strenuous activity, so the best time to fit or measure the feet is after a run or at the end of the day.

Also, remember to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500miles as shoes of overpronators tend to wear out much faster. The support levels of running shoes diminish at a faster rate when the shoes are used back to back for days. You may, therefore, need to consider having two pairs of running shoes.

How to Avoid Light Pollution While Using a Telescope

Even though the United Kingdom has the biggest total area of dark skies in Europe, light pollution remains a serious issue that plagues both amateur and professional astronomers, as can be seen from the image below. Nonetheless, amateur observers have a distinct advantage over professionals in that they can move their equipment to avoid the worst light polluted areas, but for those who can’t move to dark observing sites, here are some practical tips to get the best possible views of the heavens from light-polluted areas. First things first though- what is light pollution exactly?

Image credit: Astronomy Now

Image credit: Astronomy Now

Light pollution explained

In its simplest form, light pollution is light that is directed to where it is not wanted or needed, and it can occur even in the smallest villages. From an astronomer’s perspective however, light pollution is any light that spoils his view of the night sky.

This spoilage can be in the form of “sky glow”, which is the cumulative effect of all misdirected light, such as streetlights, light from parking areas, shop fronts and sports fields, and badly designed security/outdoor lighting from the millions of homes in any large city. Additionally, and more pertinent to an individual observer, is line-of-sight light pollution, which is the light that shines directly into his eyes from say, the security/outdoor lighting from his neighbour’s houses.

Making the most of a bad situation

Given the fact that light pollution is here to stay for at least the near future, there are some things the average amateur observer can do to minimise its effects on his observing experiences, and the best place for any beginner observer to begin is to understand his equipment, and the need to adapt his vision to low light conditions.

Dark adaptation

Human vision work in two “modes”- photopic mode for vision in high light conditions, and scotopic mode, for vision in low light conditions. In photopic mode, the cones in the eye detect bright light and colour, and in this mode, the rods in the eye that detect low light levels are deactivated.

However, high light pollution levels partially prevent the activation of the rods that are designed to detect faint light while keeping the cones partially active, with the result that dim objects remain invisible, or difficult to see. Thus, to get the best views under light polluted skies, an observer needs to adapt his vision to low light conditions as fully as he can.

Under “normal” conditions, where the transition from light to dark is steep and sudden, this process can take anything from 30-, to 60 minutes. Sadly, though, the dark adaptation process can take as long as 24 hours or more when the observer’s eyes were exposed to extremely bright sunlight during the day or even longer if the observer had been exposed to sunlight reflecting off very bright surfaces such as snow on the ground during the day.

In practice, this means that an observer can expect to lose as much as 0.75 magnitudes off his threshold magnitude because his vision is not fully dark-adapted on the succeeding night. Moreover, even a momentary exposure to a bright light will destroy whatever dark adaptation he had accomplished, meaning that the adaption process must start again from scratch.

Light pollution and aperture

One common myth holds that since large aperture UK telescopes gather more light than small aperture instruments do, the larger instrument must gather a correspondingly larger amount of light pollution as well, which according to the myth, means that the view in the larger instrument must be washed out.

This is simply not true. The fact is that a large telescope will gather more starlight than a small one will, irrespective of where the large telescope is used. Regardless of the level of light pollution in any given area, a large-aperture instrument will consistently reveal more stars than a smaller instrument.

The moral of this story should be obvious: large apertures work better than small apertures in areas with high levels of light pollution; however, large aperture instruments (especially reflecting telescopes) are more prone to image distortion caused by heat currents in the tube, but this is easily corrected by the installation of small cooling/circulation fans at various locations in the tube to stabilise the air in the tube.

More tips and tricks

There are many common-sense tips and tricks any observer can follow to maximise his or her viewing experience under light polluted skies. Here are a few that won’t cost an arm and leg-

Optimise your telescope

“Optimisation” simply means adding a tube extension to the front of the instrument. To achieve the best results, the extension must be at least one tube diameter long, especially on reflecting telescopes. On instruments of this type, the focuser is often so close to the top of the tube that stray light from the side can spill over the top of the tube- straight into the focuser or even onto the secondary mirror. The image below shows a homemade tube extension on a reflecting telescope.

Image credit: Minx.cc

Image credit: Minx.cc

A tube extension prevents this from happening, but be sure to paint the inside of the extension matte black to prevent reflections from the inside of the extension. Another option is to glue some black velvet to the inside of the extension to absorb stray light from the side. Matte black paint and velvet work equally well to suppress stray light, and to improve contrast in the image.

Use the right eyepiece

Under light polluted skies, the exit pupil of an eyepiece is much more important than the magnification that eyepiece delivers. The exit pupil can be described as the diameter of the bundle of light that exits the eyepiece, and using the correct exit pupil can greatly enhance an image under light polluted skies.

The object of using the correct exit pupil under light polluted skies is to maximise the amount of light from different kinds of objects that reaches an observer through the eyepiece. If the exit pupil is too large, some of the light exiting the eyepiece will fall onto the observers’ retina, instead of “into” his pupil, meaning that much of the contrast (and quality) of the image is lost. Conversely, if the exit pupil is too small, the image may be dimmed to the point where it becomes impossible to see, or to focus properly. The table below gives some examples of recommended exit pupils to use in less-than-ideal conditions, such as heavy light pollution.

Object viewed Exit pupil (mm)
Extended open star clusters, complete lunar disc 3 to 5
Deep sky objects such as planetary nebulae and smaller galaxies, binary stars, lunar detail, and planets in poor seeing conditions 2 to 4
Binary stars, lunar detail, and planets on night of good seeing 0.5 to 2

Source: Astronomy.com

Note that eyepieces meant for use under light polluted skies must be fitted with full eyecups to prevent stray light from the side from entering your eye.

Build a light shield

If all else fails, constructing a shield to protect yourself from particularly troublesome low-level light sources is a viable option. The images below show detail of a DIY shield that can be constructed cheaply from materials (PVC tubing and fittings) that are available from any hardware store. Note however that it may be necessary to anchor this shield in windy conditions.

Image source: Chris Bayus

Image source: Chris Bayus

One more thing

Under severely light-polluted skies, investing in a GO-TO telescope mount might be of some use, especially if there are so few reference stars visible that star hopping to a desired target becomes impossible. However, the downside of GO-TO telescopes involves the fact that there is often a trade-off between tracking ability and the quality of the optics, meaning that even if the instrument manages to find and track an object, the less-than-perfect optics might render the object almost invisible in heavily light polluted skies.

Novice observers in light polluted areas who are considering investing in a GO-TO instrument are therefore strongly advised to only deal with reputable dealers in optical instruments on the one hand, and to join an astronomy club in the area to gain as much experience and knowledge of observing in less-than-ideal conditions before purchasing a telescope, on the other.

Tree Radar: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Scanning Tress at Underground Root Level

Could you possibly imagine a world without trees? Most likely not! Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, trees play a critical part in both local as well as the global environment. You may have heard the saying that trees are like the lungs of the earth. This is because they can help to combat climate change since they absorb carbon, and in return they release oxygen. This is carried out through the process of photosynthesis. So, if you come to think of it, in your city or village, trees have a role at providing more purified air, as well as diffusing noise, reducing pollution, providing sustainable drainage, and improving the landscape.

However trees need to be taken care of. And apart from taking proper care of our trees, it is also important that when evaluating them, this is carried out professionally. Tree evaluations are a key part of arboricultural management. A consultant will need to have specialised investigation equipment so as to provide the most suitable and sustainable solutions for treescapes, which can sometimes be quite challenging. Tree Radar is a type of equipment that is non-invasive. It is a root locator and also carries out decay scanning. When hiring an arboricultural specialist you should make sure to check if they utilise tree radar equipment for their surveys and evaluations. A professional company will make use of this technology as it is the top one at present.

Crown to Root Tree Inspection. Image credit: Westchester Tree Life

Crown to Root Tree Inspection. Image credit: Westchester Tree Life

The main aim of any arboricultural management service is to promote the health of trees. With tree stock assessments and management plans, coupled up with any suitable maintenance and replacement techniques to ensure tree health and form, such a company can help in the proper care and supervision of trees.

The Tree Radar is a type of ground penetrating radar which is known to be the best way to investigate tree roots and tree decay. The best and most accurate results can be achieved without being invasive or disruptive in any way. In fact Tree Radar is the leading tree investigative tool because it can manage to detect sub-surface infrastructure even through concrete or tarmac. It is effectively the most cost effective yet accurate equipment available for these types of evaluations. It is also very fast as it collects data on the electromagnetic differences that can lie between strata below the ground, and artefacts. This enables one to determine both the depth as well as the precise location of the tree roots, along with any other items buried beneath the ground. This could include pipes, ducts, and cables among others. This data is then recorded in the tree survey field computer at the site. Survey findings are then interpreted to make recommendations and proper decisions.

When using Tree Radar it is also possible to determine the health of the vegetation without disruption in any way. Any sub-surface infrastructure will also be safe. Tree root mapping, or root morphology can be detailed, and root zone conditions are made available too. As a result this information can simplify the decision making process relating to any installations or developments that may need to be carried out at a site. These could include construction works, installation of services etc.

Tree Radar. Image credit: Design with Nature

Tree Radar. Image credit: Design with Nature

Tree Radar is also very helpful to ascertain any decay problems. It is a totally non-invasive way of surveying a tree for possible decay. Arboricultural specialists use Tree Radar to assess the likely risks of a tree’s structural integrity as a result of decay. With the use of electromagnetic waves it will be possible to determine the different properties of sound wood, and decayed wood. These can then be mapped on a radargram. Decay present high in the tree canopy, or in the main bole, or buttress roots can also be found.

Tree Radar can interpret radargrams as well as identify any voids. These underground badger runs can generally be attributed to a number of soil disturbances and so it will be possible to draw up on this information and make the necessary decisions to avoid additional problems.

Tree Radar has been improving ever since it was introduced and it is also used in Kent tree surveys and investigations. To date it is considered to be the best method for such studies and investigations.

What To Look For in a Commercial Construction Contractor

Any building project relies on a single and very important decision – choosing the right commercial construction contractor. For example, a poorly selected commercial construction contractor is likely to design and build a poor quality building that will eventually cost more than what was budgeted for. Also, its scope may not match the original intensions let alone building regulations.

That is why there are a number of important attributes everyone should look for when choosing a prospective commercial construction contractor.

How a good construction contractor can help you

First and foremost, a good commercial London construction contractor must always represent himself in the best business-like demeanour. Respecting the schedule of the business owner and showing up on time are manners that make great construction contractors competent, organized and ready to deal with any questions or concerns the clients may have.

Creating a sense of confidence and instilling trust are among the most special values construction contractors rely on – and seeing how a contractor deals with the client before they sign the contract can tell a lot about the upcoming project.

As we said above, communication is among the key attributes to look for when choosing the best building contractors for your commercial or residential space. In reality, every contractor should be a great listener and communicator – and how they translate the ideas of the individual and their goals plays a great role in how they approach the project and provide insight on what can be expected.

Find a Blend of Knowledge & Experience

Commercial construction contractors do not have an easy job – mostly because commercial construction is not at all an easy pill to swallow. Every contractor must demonstrate the experience and skills to get the job done, on time and on budget. Also, they need to have years of experience in order to manage a large project – and a lot of knowledge to be put to practice. After all, there are different kinds of projects and finding a construction contractor that has the experience in most of the commercial types should be everyone’s priority.

All the good and well established construction contractors have a professional reputation and many recommendations and referrals under their belt. Asking them to provide references and proof of past projects is definitely important – and asking them to include not only their references but also from their partners and businesses they work with. This all adds up to the aspect of professional reputation and how important it is nowadays when choosing a contractor of this kind.

Getting a Great Deal on your Construction Needs

Asking your friends, families or even neighbours about what construction contractors they recommend is a wise choice. Obviously, friends and family can be great references for the contractor as long as they are your friends and family and not theirs.

Another wise thing to do is to take bids and specify what you need done. This way, you will have all your potential construction contractors come out and look at what you need done and propose their plan to you. This way, you will be given an estimate from all of them – but it is of utmost importance for you to screen everyone and find the best construction contractor for your needs.

Getting a great deal of your construction needs is the most valuable lesson you can learn from this. However, you should always know and never choose the cheapest option, mostly because of the rule ‘you get what you pay for’ which definitely stands as true in professional endeavours like this one.

Construction Contractors & Pricing: How To Do It Right

At last, before you get any building work done, agreeing on the pricing is another aspect you should take advantage of. Ideally, you should never pay the contractor more than 30%-50% beforehand. This is mostly because of the fact that too many times, construction contractors take the money upfront and either not finish or do a poor job on your building. The best way to agree on a payment is with reaching certain milestones in the construction process, and you releasing money from your budget for each one that has been completed. This allows maximum transparency for both you and your chose commercial construction contractor.

Facts to Consider Before Hiring a Kent Solicitor

For the layman, legal intricacies and matters are too complicated. Thus, when one requires legal assistance, it is always best to go to a solicitor for advice and guidance. Some cases may be somewhat difficult and problematic. Consequently, you need a top solicitor to handle your legal issue as best as possible. A solicitor is a professional and qualified lawyer who has extensive knowledge in various aspects of the law. Therefore, you have to identify the best solicitor for the job at hand. It is more like having the right tool for the right job. Otherwise, you may end up utterly frustrated along with a huge hole in your savings. There are a few tips you could find helpful in securing the services of the best solicitor.

The Law Society solicitor database

The first stop in your search for the best solicitor would be the law societies. Every law society has a database of all lawyers and their corresponding law firms. You get information on their contact details and areas of specialization. All this information is available online. However, if you still can’t find the information you need online, you can always call the law society’s helpline number. The helpline number is available online. You can also visit the law society offices for further assistance.

Narrow down the search

Once you get the contact details, you can start making contact with some of the solicitors in Kent. Most solicitors in Kent prefer face-to-face meetings, so make time to meet them. Have a list of the points you need to be covered in your legal case or issue. Provide the solicitor with all the details of your legal problem and the relevant paperwork. Enquire about the costs and how the solicitor will be charging for the work. Remember solicitors have a knack for details. Carry along an identification document when going to meet them. They want to know exactly who they are dealing with.

Study solicitors’ specialisms

The law is, so to speak, a wide and rugged terrain. It covers many different areas, which may not be too familiar to the ordinary citizens. Areas of specialization include employment complaints, personal injury claims, clinical and medical negligence, immigration and asylum law, and family and mediation law, among many others. Knowledge of the solicitor’s areas of specialization will enable you match your legal issue with the right solicitor in Kent.

Check Reviews

It is also helpful to read consumer reviews about the solicitors. Get a solicitor with a positive history; a solicitor who has previously handled similar issues like yours with success. Find out if the solicitor was ever involved in any act of dishonesty or misconduct. If they have cheated before, they are likely to cheat again. However, you need to bear in mind that lack of positive reviews does not necessarily mean a dark past for the lawyer. Some clients may not bother leaving a review once their case is concluded. Therefore, reviews should not be the only factor to take into account when hiring solicitors in Kent.

Worthingtons Solicitors

Key Office Cleaning & Maintenance Company Services

A professional facilities management company should provide a wide range of services, including cleaning, waste removal, electrical and plumbing works, as well as repairs and maintenance. However it is important to choose a company that is truly professional. Some cleaners do not do a good job. For example, it is important for them to wipe and clean door handles, doors and light switches. These are extremely minor aspects of your office. Hence, the probability of forgetting to clean them is quite high. Therefore, to ensure all the surfaces of your office are always clean, you should hire professional and dedicated cleaners.

A dusty and poorly maintained office will negatively affect employees’ motivation. As a business it is also important to convey your ideal image to your clients. These are two main reasons why you should get the assistance of professional office cleaning companies.

The staff of facilities management companies will understand the usefulness and importance of a well-equipped and maintained office. Their main aim is to make sure that thanks to their work you will have an office that runs efficiently and that the environment is pleasant. Such office cleaning and maintenance companies will clean, wipe and dust furniture, fixtures and desk equipment. Hiring expert cleaners from a recognized facilities management company should regularly give your office the sheen that you see.

Large offices will often comprise a kitchenette for workers to use during lunchtime. The facilities management staff will regularly clean your appliances. They will take charge of the cleanliness and maintenance of such appliances. They will also see to any equipment such as telephones, computers, coffee makers, water dispensers and coolers among others. Often, we tend to use these appliances after which we forget to clean them. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy using clean and well maintained equipment, you should seek professional assistance from such companies.

An office cleaning and maintenance company will also see to the cleaning of all floors. They will professionally wash your ceramic, vinyl and/or tile flooring. They will also clean carpets and vacuum all the carpeted surfaces of your office. You should appreciate that these are aspects of cleaning that demand for utmost caution. If carelessly done, the probability of having to replace your flooring and similar surfaces will be close to unavoidable.

You will be glad to use trained cleaners because they will vacuum your office cloth chairs. They will also wipe the arms or edges and bases of your chairs.

They will also see to the refilling of dispensers, emptying of wastepaper buckets and bins and other needs that need to be regularly seen to. Clean floors do not always equate to a well-managed office. There is more to a well maintained and properly cleaned office than this. Considering all this, you should definitely hire a professional facilities management company to take care of such jobs, which can enable your office to run efficiently.

Facilities Management Company

The Benefits of Wearing Sun Readers

For some people, sunglasses are only used as an accessory and to offer some shade while being outdoors on sunny days. Sunglasses can spruce up your look, or make you look elegant. There are in fact countless styles of sunglasses to choose from on the market, so as to suit varying people’s preferences.

However, the market for sunglasses has gone a step further with the introduction of sun readers. Sun readers can not only complement an outfit nicely, but also serve functional purposes. There are various advantages to wearing a pair of sun readers or reading sunglasses, namely:

  1. Convenience – no need to carry around two pairs of glasses as this is basically one pair that includes both the functions of offering you clarity while reading or doing other close up tasks, as well as offering ideal protection against the sun’s rays. Moreover, there is no need to go through the inconvenience of switching from reading glasses to sunglasses or vice versa.
  2. Helps those with a poor vision – as these are reading glasses with the additional functionality of sunglasses, one will be benefiting from better vision and more clarity.
  3. Eye protection – sun readers can withstand the UV rays. Ordinary sunglasses often do not have a high level of UV protection. On the other hand sun readers have higher UV protection which offers you better shelter for your eyes. Gone are the days when your eyes hurt because of the sun’s glare. You no longer have to strain your eyes so as to try to see clearly and get over the glare, and besides your eyes will not hurt you either.
  4. Lens magnification – sun readers have a full 100% lens magnification. This allows you to see and read more easily as there is no need to try and focus on the lower part of the lens because of the bi-focal lenses, which are not as convenient.
  5. Practical and affordable – since you do not have to buy two pairs of glasses, you are going to save money while also benefiting from practicality and convenience.
  6. Stylish – there are many designs, styles and colors to choose from. The choice is up to you and your preferences. There are both elegant as well as cool designs, ideal for any age and gender.

Sun readers are the most practical option for those who need the help of glasses even when they are exposed to the sun. This could be simple hobbies or activities such as reading by the beach or playing golf, or certain jobs which involve plenty of hours outside.

If you use both glasses as well as sunglasses, then you should seriously consider investing in a pair of sun readers as there are lots of benefits as we just discussed above. Highly practical, protective, convenient, stylish and affordable, sun readers are definitely the way to go.

Sun Readers

Grab a MAG 250 Set-Top Box & Enjoy HD UK TV Channels Anywhere

Overview of the MAG 250 set top box

Watching UK TV channels just got easier! There are approximately a hundred and forty UK TV channels available for viewing when you buy this amazing set top box. MAG 250 set top boxes allow users from all countries in the world to access UK TV services. The set top box does not function in the UK however.

The MAG 250 set top box

MAG 250 is a programmed and specially designed box that will help you access digitized UK TV channels directly. These boxes come with a remote control for easy navigation of the channels list and to control the box. Before you start receiving the channels, you will have to go through a simple installation procedure. Even during the installation process you will notice a user friendly interface with a whole range of options to optimize your viewing pleasure.

Record programs from your favorite channels, watch on-demand movies from a USB or external disk drive and browse the internet on your TV screen using the all-efficient MAG 250 set top box.

Understanding how the MAG 250 set top box works

The MAG 250 makes it possible to watch all Sky channels, ITV, BBC and other popular UK channels by a global audience using IPTV and an active internet connection. IPTV is a full-scale digital TV solution, which allows viewers to watch international TV channels without the use of satellite systems or dishes. All a user needs is a HDMI TV set, a router and an internet connection along with the MAG 250 set top box, to view UK TV channels.

All TV broadcasts come from satellites that have different coverage limits. This explains why some countries are not able to receive TV coverage for various channels even though they have satellite systems in existence. To sort this out, IPTV was introduced. It involves picking up channels from satellites located in different parts of the world. The contents are then digitized and sent to the internet for the viewers. Now, when you connect your MAG 250 set top box to your router (for the internet connection) and HDMI TV, you can receive these channels without the use of a satellite system.

Sounds so easy and direct and this is because it is actually so. You do not need to purchase or install anything else for you to enjoy this new digital platform. Moreover, upon purchasing a MAG 250 set top box, users also get to enjoy;

Dedicated remote control services

This helps users access all programs as they are aired.

7-Day Catch Up

This service allows users to record their favorite programs and then they can view them up to seven days later. This is very convenient especially with the different time zones. Your favorite programs might be airing at odd hours and now you won’t have to miss them.

These are but a few benefits of having a MAG 250 set top box. There are many other advantages you can enjoy from this digital TV platform. So we suggest to do like many thousands of people all around the world and purchase this set top box now!


VPN vs Smart DNS: Your choice for the best streaming quality

Streaming films, television programs, games, etc., is now a popular alternative to conventional television watching. The advantage is that people can watch such programs, or play such games when they have time rather than move their routines around the timings of television programs. It is also possible to stream previous episodes if one could not be watched for some reason. The Virtual Private Network made such streaming more versatile.

VPN or the Virtual Private Networking is basically a service made possible with special software programs that establish and secure the path desired by the user on the web, giving access to the desired content. Usually, it is a legitimate way of giving access to the content. In fact, many people prefer to watch their favorite programs using the VPN software as it reduces the time on commercials. Moreover, access of content using VPN software allows them to watch episodes a second or third time, if they want to do so.

The biggest advantage of VPN is that it provides considerable security to the person using such streaming services. Privacy is at risk on the net, which is protected by encrypting the information. On the flip side, VPN software makes the somewhat service slow. There are problems with connections as well. With the frequent breakdown of connections, watching programs ceases to be as much fun. Some stability is therefore necessary. Despite problems with the connection stability, the service has always been reliable, i.e., it is available online almost 99.9 percent of the time.

However, VPN can be an expensive service for watching such programs. There is no way such costs will come down because the developers have to keep pace with the many new ways being developed for hacking and invading others’ privacy.

But a better choice is available to people now. It is called SmartDNS. Unlike the VPN, which is a software generated networking, SmartDNS uses servers, Network settings, and all the Internet Protocols to establish a channel between the user and the content he or she wants to watch, or use, from the web.

The providers of this technology admit that it does not offer as much security as the VPN software. However, the speed at which the streaming is possible with SmartDNS is enough to convince that this is indeed a better technology.

Since SmatrDNS is a Network setting based technology, there is less hindrance and therefore, the connection is not disturbed. However, when the IP is changed the user needs to make the adjustments manually.

Another reason why SmartDNS is scoring over older VPN options is that there is no need to load the software in every device. Changes in settings and networking are sufficient for accessing content from well known sites.

VPN software developers developed the Open VPN which was compatible across different platforms and browsers. But none of them seem to be as affordable, nor versatile. Therefore, for now SmartDNS may be better choice in all respects including its price. The only drawback apparently is lack of security. Since the costs involved in SmartDNS are much lower than those on VPN this way of streaming is here to stay.

Smart DNS is a very new technology and is faster and more stable than traditional VPN systems so it is best to place emphasis on this technology, being better and more advanced than some of the older VPN options using OpenVPN and similar wares.

Smart DNS UK

Sky Viewing Cards: Where to Buy in Switzerland

Watch the best of UK television all around Switzerland

Since 1990, Sky television has forged the way in home television entertainment to customers within the United Kingdom. It removed many barriers that old fashioned terrestrial television providers were unwilling to break, such as offering pay-per-view events including major sports fixtures and newly released movies. Sky also gave us a much broader range of television, most commonly from the the USA and in more recent years, from other continents including Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

In the past, where there was just the usual suspects of BBC and ITV networks to deliver the same rigid choice of TV shows, Sky instantly opened up a whole universe of television entertainment.

Now more than two decades later, we are in the digital age of home entertainment where not only can you still access TV via satellite dish, you can also watch content ‘on-demand’ at a time and place of your own preference on numerous technologies at home or away. The world has moved fast and without doubt, Sky has been an integral part of that. Where other TV networks have followed, Sky television has been an innovator and leader of new technologies.

So with such a forward looking attitude, is it any wonder that Sky is just as popular today as it ever was?

With the expansion of the European Union, the world has become a smaller place and with that, many Brits have decided to leave the country and start a new life overseas, most notably in sunnier places such as Spain, Portugal, southern France, Italy and Greece. Some however have migrated to the likes of Switzerland, Austria, Poland and many other eastern European regions. We are without doubt a nation of distanced ex-patriots.

However like most Brits, we prefer our television and given the choice, we still prefer to watch our own, native TV entertainment rather than the local offerings. That’s why so many of us who have departed the country, still have the desire to watch UK TV where they live. This growing demand has led to many overseas suppliers of Sky television to surface from the shadows and start offering UK television abroad.

The problem is, there are many companies who are operating outside of the law and in many cases, offering pirated and illegal services that could be ceased or worse still, could put the customer in a position of scrutiny under EU laws. So with that in mind, how can you find a legitimate and legal provider of Sky television?

Finding a quality Sky viewing card provider

Consider it or not but there are a good handful of reliable suppliers of Sky viewing cards but separating them from the rogues is the difficult trick. Here’s a few ideas to locating a supplier you can trust and count on:

1. Secure Website

Look for the lock symbol when looking for Sky TV in Switzerland. If their website is secure, it shows you they have taken measures to secure your data and ensure your credit card data is only transmitted over a secure, encrypted connection. Google treats sites using HTTPS with greater priority so if you’ve found a site that doesn’t use SSL, ignore them and move onto the next one.

2. UK Business

If you’re buying a Sky card using a UK credit card, your best bet is to buy from a UK provider. By doing so, your purchase will be protected under UK law but also, you’ll be able to talk to an English language speaking native if you ever need help. Any trustworthy supplier can ship a Sky viewing card to virtually any country across Europe as the courier fees are low and delivery should be quick and simply.

3. Telephone Support

Find a seller that offers telephone as well as email support. Email only customer service tends to ensure you are kept at arms length, whilst telephone calls give you the chance to talk to someone and find out what their support is like. If you get through, ask some pressing questions and then get the idea for whether you can rely on this supplier.

4. Avoid Being Scammed

Ebay is rife with fake and hacked Sky cards. The same is true for online forums, Facebook pages and a number of other social media websites. If they don’t have a website with a permanent business locality, do not trust these sellers. Consistently, they will send you a bogus card that either works temporarily and will get cut off shortly after use!

Be comfortable with your selection!

Once you’ve found a supplier who ticks all of the above boxes, you should be ready to go online and buy your service. Getting Sky TV overseas is fairly easy in most European countries nowadays but locating a supplier who is trustworthy and professional is another problem altogether. So with just a little homework and due diligence, you should be able to make a well judged and wise choice.

Sky TV in Switzerland