4 Ways Technology Will Make Your Exhibition Stand More Successful

In the world of trade shows and exhibition stand marketing the pace of advertising and techniques to both engage and attract attendees is constantly evolving. Many trends have come and gone but one thing that remains is technology and the many different benefits and opportunities it brings for generating interest, gaining attention, building leads, establishing relationships and sales. You will want to find out how you can capitalise on technology to create a more compelling exhibition stand that is competitive and brings your organisation a stronger return on investment.

Trade show stand contractors were interviewed recently and were asked what exactly are the four top suggestions to put into effect with technology at trade shows? Their answers have been put together in this report that showcases the 4 top methods of incorporating technology in trade show exhibition stands. The answers are from the front line from people who have been in the industry for years and have extensive levels of experience. Take your time, sit back and relax and be sure to continue reading below to get the most from the next trade show your company attends and all future events.

Unique Exhibition Stand for Level Green

Unique Exhibition Stand for Level Green. Image credit: Retail Design Blog

1. Attract Attention & Gain Interest from Attendees

At trade shows, there is plenty of competing brands and companies working hard to capture and engage the attention of visitors at the trade show. You want to be sure that your brand stands out and puts a positive impression in your target audiences minds. You can use technology to generate leads, capture contact information, you can also use it to spread your brand message as well. Things like interactive screens, interactive walls and flooring, motion triggered technology and even location-based software to reach visitors is another great idea. You can use things like free downloadable applications for smartphones to capture leads and to continue engagement long after the trade show. An attendee at a trade show is there to gain new information, they want to learn about brands, and they are genuinely interested in the theme of the show. You only have a certain amount of time to capture these people’s interest and desire for your brand and it’s offerings.

2. Offer a Profoundly Unforgettable Experience

As mentioned above, when you can use advertising vehicles like downloadable applications for smartphones you can provide the audience with marketing collateral that they don’t have to physically carry with them. You can easily incorporate technology to capture leads and to build further interest in your products, your brand, and services. You can boost communication and build rapport and a connection with your audience much easier this way rather than giving them paper, brochures or other things that are so common. People do not want to be cluttered with advertising. You want to be sure that your brand stands out.

3. Create a Connection to Your Brand That is Memorable

When utilising technology you can do plenty of different things that will attract attendees and keep them engaged with your brand. You can use such opportunities as interactive games, leaderboards, smartphone applications, contests, questionnaires, and other methods to collect digital data and contact information. When you decide to go ahead and invest further into technology trade show stand contractors said that it offers more opportunities for further marketing opportunities. It also gives your sales team an opportunity to interact with attendees, while the digital data is collected and followed up on later. Be sure your brand stands out and make your exhibition stand unforgettable.

4. Calculate Your Return on Investment with Technology

Being able to determine how well your exhibition stand did at a trade show is not the easiest thing to do. Plenty of sales and purchases happen much later after an exhibition event. You can utilise technology to do things such as measuring engagement, gaining analytical information, as well as contact information collection to capitalise on for follow up strategies. As the years have rolled by technology has improved and being able to gauge the success levels of a trade show event is now much easier and determining statistics can be much more detailed.

Technology is the Future of Trade Show Success

In the year 2018, the exhibition show attendees are looking for new and exciting products, services and brand offerings that peak their interest. With the amount of competition and limited time at a trade show, technology allows you the opportunity to get more from it when applied. Follow the four suggestions above to have greater and more successful results with exhibition stand marketing.